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How to Get Started:

  1. Supply a photo of your beloved pet by email for a custom portrait. Click here for tips on how to take a pet reference photo.

  2. Choose a canvas size.

  3. Email me to get started!



9x12   $155*

10x10   $155*

11x14   $220*

12X12   $220*


*Price includes a frame.


If you are a resident of Pelican Preserve, ask me about the Pelican Discount!

Click here for tips for taking a pet reference photo here.

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Here are tips for taking great pet photos:

1.     Take the picture close to your pet’s eye level

2.    Highlights and shadows help make great paintings

3.    Make sure the photo you submit is high resolution, so I can capture details

4.    Be close to your pet so they fill 1/3 of view screen

5.    Include your pet's name, breed, and personality along with your photo

Email to get started.





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