Deborah Shannon - Modern Artist 

A formally trained artist; retired art teacher; still making life better with art.

I believe art makes life better. Right now my concentrations are pet portraits, pickleball art, Floridian themes, and a new technique of pouring paint.


Before this, while I was teaching art, I was a plein air landscape painter in Missouri and in my travels. Plein air painting is done with oil paint, and is about interacting with your surroundings during a brief moment of life. It is “a happening” as we used to say. When I painted outside with a group of people engaged in this process with me, there is never a time I wanted to be anywhere else or doing anything else. I also had the privilege of taking workshops with some of very talented artists dedicated to this process. I never really developed these into larger paintings, but kept them as studies, and enjoy their loose style. Many of the landscapes pictured  (but not all) are plein air. 


Special thanks to The Roaring Flamingo, for my wood substrates, border frames, pickleball racquets  and pickleballs (which they designed from my description of what I wanted.)

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Ohio University BFA




Webster University - Masters Degree Aesthetic Teaching

Webster University - Masters Degree Digital Learning for the Classroom



National Board Certification


30 years of teaching in Ohio, Massachusetts and Missouri

Artist Workshops


Julie Wiegand, Lyon School Studio, Berger, MO


"Joyfully connecting nature and people through art.”


Carol Carter, St. Louis, MO 


"In a good painting, Value does the work and Color gets the credit.”


Billy O’Donnell, St. Louis, MO  -  Plein Air Oil Painter

“In working plein air, I am excited by the way my visual experience translates into a surface language expressed through the richness of paint.”


Paul Jackson, Columbia, MO  -  Watercolor

Best selling book, “Painting Spectacular Light Effects”


M. Shawn Cornell, St. Louis, MO  -  Plein Air Painter


"If you see snow in the painting, it means the artist was standing in snow.
​If you see rain in the painting,​it means the artist was getting very wet."


Ann Croghan , St. Charles, MO  -  Acrylic Artist

“I create beautiful, lyrical, abstract paintings by using transparent layers of colors that develop intriguing depth of surface.”


Desmond O’Hagan – Denver, CO  -  Oil and Pastel Artist


“It’s all about interpreting value and shape in light.”


Amy Eichler, Bentonville, AR - Acrylic Artist


“Start with thin layers of bright colors; you can always grey them down.”

Love, Deb